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JOIN US in the STAND UP Movement to bring awareness and results to the people of the Congo!
Is there a way to heal and empower the human spirit and reverse over a century in time: the devastation, rape, and pillaging of her land and her people...THE CONGO.
Do you have a cell phone? Who doesn't? This affects YOU!
This is a short presentation reel that was shot by Journalist and Producer, Tess Cacciatore, at the end of 2010. Cacciatore traveled to Africa and Belgium to see the atrociities and connect the historical and economic connection between us all. Cacciatore is the Founder of the World Trust Foundation and the Stand UP Movement.This video is to showcase a portion of the story, show a small portion of footage from the feature film (in production) and highlightthe music of the soundtrack. Soundtrack and other products will be sold here soon, to help raise funds and awareness to the cause.


Here are the news stations who have aired our story, featuring board member and activist in the "Voice from the Congo" movie, Leontine Lanza. This interview was conducted at the NBC Studios in Los Angeles, in conjunction with Newspronet in Boston. February 1st, the story went out to the national TV stations and here are 2 so far that have picked up the story. Thanks to these stations - click here to watch the segments:

Milwalkee TMJ-4 and Seattle King-5


The Purpose: is to show the world how we are all connected and what happens in Africa can also affect us here in the states. That we have a unique window of opportunity to open our hearts and minds, and see how people from other cultures can do the same, so that they have a chance to be free of the mental, physical and spiritual chains that bind them.
Here is a video that was produced by Congolese youth and a message from the children.

Congolese youth, be the vanguard of the peaceful revolution and salvation of your country!


Author Dedy Bilamba and activist Kambale Musavul - PSA by Moe Kosomo

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203-297-2137 United States activists STAND UP for the women and children of Democratic Republic of Congo.
Los Angeles, CA, January 31, 2011
International Journalist and Activist, Tess Cacciatore returns to Los Angeles in December 2010 from a journey to Congo. Cacciatore’s passion was fueled by all the atrocities that are happening, that she created a 9 minute documentary short to get the information out to the world and to collaborate with other nonprofits and activists who are on board to help the victims from the civil unrest that proceeds this falls upcoming 2011 election. “History seems to be repeating itself” Cacciatore shares, “and there comes a time when the horrific actions need to be stopped. Six million killed,... More »
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